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asterisk.png SeekingSomething website is designed with the hope to support anyone in whatever they seek to discover. We have several websites tied into one, and we expect as members continue to join and add their business websites, ideas, knowledge, products and expertise this will enhance your ability to find what you seek. Several of these businesses are located under the header titled Ebook & Software.

Seeking Something Enterprise consist of several supporting businesses. The great thing about Seeking Something is everyone is looking for something. In the future we expect to bring millions of people, merchants, entrepreneurs,and businesses to our website all seeking something. Another great thing about seeking something we can be found at the top of the majority of the major search engines in the world. As a business, merchant, entreprenueus or placing an Ad this will give you visibility for your services if you are a memeber. See for youself; type Seeking Something in any major search engine and come back and join.

Below is a list of those businesses that are apart of the Enterprise.

Seeking Something Community The website is set, has been set up for the purpose of getting visability to advertise, market, buy, and well as sell products and service. This website will have the functionality.

Seeking a Job is an employment agency website that is free for everyone to post their resumes. The website is new, and employers are continuing to sign up, so if you are looking for a job you should post your resume the competition of others who are seeking employment is at an all time high.

Seeking Classified Ads and Store is feature for the members of our community. The website will allow you to post ads and well as sell products and services. Like any classified ads or webstore you will be responsible to deliver on the products or services offered.

Are you seeking to Advertise Online No problem! Seeking Something has its own search engine which allows you to post any Key Word to represent your website. A "Key Word", for example if your were selling books; your Key Word would be, “Book” can be added to our search engine and your website will be visible at the top of the first page when someone performs a search.

Website Hosting Seeking Something combined with Qualityk.com offers an inexpensive website hosting plans based on your damand, and our designers will also assist (if needed) in designing your website to be displayed in our search engines and around the world.

Seeking Something also offers a Seeking New Music Artist. Seeking Something also offers a way for young and old music artist to get there music heard. One way to do just that is to put you music on a website which is at the top many search engine. See for your self; type in New Music Sounds in a search engine and tell me who's at the top.

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