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The links below provides Education Software and Ebo0ks to assist individuals in the area of Art. Feel free to browse all the links......

1. Almost Breathing- Make Custom Cardboard Cutouts; Including Celebrity
A software and e-book package to make amazingly realistic custom life-sized cardboard cutouts. Celebrities, family, friends and pets are all easy to make into life-sized standees ready to impress. Family, Friends, Yourself, Celebrities, Pets and More

2. How to Sketch
n easy course for anyone who wants to learn the art of sketching. The author shares her own methods plus there's tips about drawing and sketching from past artists' experience and knowledge. This How To Sketch Guide will be a great asset on your site!

3. A Walk Into Abstracts - Ultimate Abstract Artist Resource
Learn tips and techniques of 58 artists as they explain the process they used to create 108 abstract paintings. 369 pages, 108 full color abstract paintings. Nothing like this exists anywhere else.
4. Learn To Draw Caricatures
This is the No#1 selling "How To Draw Caricature" product on CB. Full affiliate support supplied by Greg Gillespie Affiliate Manager, info (@) learn-to-draw.org We are committed to helping you make money easy

5. How To Draw Cars Fast And Easy
This Video Program Reveals The Insider Secrets To Rendering Cars In Photoshop Like The Pros. By The Creators Of "How To Draw Cars Fast And Easy".

6. How To Draw Pencil Portraits Quickly And Easily In 7 Days!
Step-by-step instruction e-book on drawing pencil portraits.

7. Digital Cartoon Painting Take Your Drawings To a Pro Level
Take your drawings to the next level. Want to watch videos on how Chad render (colors) his cartoons onto the computer. Over 2 hours of video showing his digital process step by step.

8. Abc You Can Draw
Tried And Tested Lessons For Teachers And Children. Proven Exercises Based On Many Workshops Taught In Schools And Uni

9. Scrapideas
"Top Pro Scrapbookers Reveal Their Best Ideas, Tips And Tricks Of How To Make Scrap Pages That Stands Out"

10. The Thriving Artist
Art Marketing Course for Artists & Craftspeople at all levels. This is a 13 1/2 hour multimedia downloadable course.

11. How To Render Cars in Photoshop Fast and Easy
This Video Program Reveals The Insider Secrets To Rendering Cars In Photoshop Like The Pros. By The Creators Of "How To Draw Cars Fast And Easy". For affiliate tips, go to http://www.how-to-draw-

12. Learn Watercolor Painting
Awesome resource for beginning watercolor artists. Full of full color illustrations.

13. Mad About Manga
Learn to draw Manga like a professional Manga Artist

14. Make Money Selling Your Art On EBay(R)! !
Want to Sell Your Art Today? Ill Spill My Guts to You on How. Ive Done it Since 1999!

15. Classic Airbrush Techniques
Classic airbrush lessons designed by professional airbrush artists to improve skills of beginners.

16. CN Provis Academy: It's An Artist's Business

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